your timeless beauty would be enhanced by a burka.

It's been over a year since I have attempted blogging and I'm assuming this round won't go much better than the first.

I've been thinking about getting a nose job for years now and I finally went for it. Its been a real experience. Mentally more than physically. Peoples opinions of you really start coming out of the woodwork when you finally decide to do something significant for yourself. Call me vain, call me egotistical, maybe even cynical; it's my fucking face and I'll do what I want to it.

"Hey, well you are you and if you ever learned anything from me, that should be it. Stay true to yourself and fuck everyone else. If you can't express something for the fear of being judged then those are not the people you should consider friends. Putting on a mask to fill a void will only cover it up for the time being, but it will never be sturdy ground." - a good friend I'll leave unnamed

So this blog is a toast to the reinvention of myself and my new nose, if you don't like it, close it, its just a web page.

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